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Local events for the tech community.

  1. Ops

    Agile Nottingham

    A group for agile Software folks with an interest in Scrum, Kanban, XP, or anything similar.

    Next Event Second Last Wednesday

  2. Tech

    Blockchain Nottingham

    Learn all about Blockchain technologies, share ideas and meet like-minded individuals.

    Next Event No regular date

  3. Tech

    AP Tech Talk

    Bi-monthly talks from passionate tech professionals, hosted at Accelerate Places.

    Next Event No regular date

  4. Tech

    Big Data Nottingham

    A meetup for big data engineers, data science and data analytics enthusiasts.

    Next Event No regular date

  5. Design

    Design Exchange Nottingham

    A monthly meetup about web design, featuring inspiring talks from renowned speakers and local voices that will enrich and inspire.

    Next Event Second Wednesday

  6. Ops

    DevOps Nottingham

    A group for anyone involved or interested in DevOps.

    Next Event No regular date

  7. Tech

    dot net notts

    This is a group for anyone interested in Microsoft technologies, best practices, and frameworks.

    Next Event Last Monday

  8. Tech

    Drink Digital

    drink:// is an event for digital marketers in the East Midlands, held regularly in Nottingham.

    Next Event Regular

  9. Tech

    East Midlands Podcaster and Video Meetup

    Record a podcast or want to? Maybe you record YouTube videos? Confused about the tech or struggling to get your first 100 regular listeners? This friendly meetup aims to get your questions answered and network with like-minded people.

    Next Event Second Tuesday

  10. Tech

    HealthTech Nottingham

    A free meetup for anyone working in the healthcare technologies in and around Nottingham.

    Next Event First Thursday

  11. Tech

    Ideas in Play

    Ideas in Play is a collaborative & inclusive community working to explore the art, science and methods of creating games.

    Next Event Monthly

  12. design

    Ladies That UX Nottingham

    To create a welcoming, transparent community of women that work in UX, who positively promote and teach each other.

    Next Event Monthly

  13. Ops

    Ministry of Testing - Nottingham

    The Ministry of Testing exists to advance the software testing industry in a fun, safe, professional and forward thinking way. Our meetups exist as a way to bring people together to talk and learn about good and authentic testing. We encourage everyone who is interested in making better software products to come along and participate.

    Next Event First Wednesday

  14. Tech

    Mobile Notts

    This is a group for anyone interested in all things iOS and Android etc. Looking to kick-start a local Mobile community to share experiences, knowledge...... and probably beer and pizza.

    Next Event Fourth Wednesday

  15. Ops

    Nott Tuesday

    Tech startup and entrepreneur event featuring insightful talks and Nottingham's Tech Startup awards.

    Next Event Third Tuesday

  16. Tech

    Nottingham Artificial Intelligence Meetup

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent mobile and web apps, smart start-ups.

    Next Event No regular date

  17. Tech

    Nottingham AWS

    The meetups will be a chance to meet other people in the area that are interested in AWS.

    Next Event No regular date

  18. Tech

    Nottingham Programmers

    A chance to meet programmers to socialise and talk about all things techie — no structure or agenda.

    Next Event Last Thursday

  19. Tech

    Nottingham R User Group

    A group for users of R based to meet and discuss R topics and to promote the use of R.

    Next Event Quarterly

  20. Tech

    Notts Dev Workshop

    This is a group for anyone who wants to learn a new technical skill, especially related to development. This is a hands-on workshop, so you will be able to code along with the speaker.

    Next EventFirst Tuesday

  21. Tech

    Notts JS

    A meetup for developers and anyone else interested in Node, JavaScript and Full Stack development.

    Next Event Second Tuesday

  22. Tech

    Notts PowerShell Usergroup

    Whatever you do with PowerShell we want to talk about it.

    Next Event Second Tuesday

  23. Ops

    PASS East Midlands

    We run sessions on all parts of the MS Data Platfrom, SQL Server, PowerBi, Data Lake and more

    Next Event Quarterly

  24. Tech


    A PHP user group attracting a mix of local and national speakers each month, covering all aspects of PHP development and associated technologies (frontend, server and database) followed by opportunity for discussion afterwards.

    Next Event Second Thursday

  25. Tech

    Tech Nottingham

    Making Nottingham a better place to live & work in technology - meetups & events, community building, advocacy and education.

    Next Event First Monday

  26. Tech

    Tech on Toast

    A monthly breakfast meetup at Accelerate Places with free breakfast, relaxed networking and interactive talks from local tech companies - all courtesy of Tech Nottingham.

    Next Event Fourth Wednesday

  27. Design

    UX Notts

    A group for UX designers.

    Next Event No regular date

  28. Design

    Web Notts

    A community of like-minded people with a passion for web design or development in the Nottingham / Midlands area.

    Next Event No regular date

  29. Tech

    Women In Tech Nottingham

    A meetup for tech women to mingle, and share experiences and ideas; in order to build a great tech community.

    Next Event First Thursday

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